Comprehensive Insurance

Yes Loans has access to a range of Insurance and Warranty Products

Car Insurance

If you’ve purchased a new or used car with a secured loan, taking out car insurance is a necessity.

Sickness and Accident Cover

Falling ill or being involved in a serious accident is never something we plan for. However, it could happen to you – are you and your family protected if so? If you are sick or hurt after an accident and unable to work, Yes Loans has access to Sickness and Accident Cover with reputable insurers.

Gap or Shortfall Insurance

Planning for a terrible eventuality is not something we ever like to do. But what if your car was stolen and not recovered, or written off after a serious accident, would you be able to pay what’s still owed on it in full? Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) or Shortfall Insurance will cover the difference owed on your car loan once insurance has paid out subject to your policy conditions and level of cover.


Extended Warranties

For more information on Extended Warranties.

Loan Protection

What if things took a turn for the worst and you couldn’t pay off your car, personal or business loan? Have you planned for the horrible reality of being retrenched or taken ill and being unable to earn your normal monthly income? Consumer Credit Insurance or Loan Protection, which can help you cover the repayments on your behalf if you make an accepted claim.

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**For all insurance, it is important that you consider the Product Disclosure Document from the product Issuer to ensure the policy is right for you**