Car Insurance cover

If your car is your pride and joy, or even if it’s just the reliable machine that gets you from A to B, making sure it’s insured is imperative. Having Car Insurance before you even drive off the showroom floor, is a non-negotiable requirement for any new or used car purchased through a secured loan. Getting cover that will make your car and back pocket happy, is our priority.

How to Get Car Insurance Cover

Getting you what you and your family want is our mission at Yes Loans. Here are our top tips for finding the most comprehensive car insurance package for YOU:

Consider Bundle Vehicle Cover

In the case of car insurance, bundles work best. The more cars you insure, the better the car insurance quote could be. If you are a business owner, looking to insure your business vehicles or a large family with multiple cars – chat to insurance companies about offering you a Bundle Vehicle Discount for insuring all your cars with them under one name.

Always Check the Fine Print

Understanding exactly what you are covered for is key. Check the coverage details being offered and make sure your policy includes coverage for an accident if the other driver involved is uninsured. You don’t want to be caught empty-handed should such an event occur.

Enhance the Car’s Security

The more secure your car, the lower your premium will be. So, ensure that your car is fitted with as many safety devices as possible. Consider installing an alarm as well as an immobiliser. Every little bit counts towards a lower monthly premium.

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**For all insurance, it is important that you consider the Product Disclosure Document from the product Issuer to ensure the policy is right for you**